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Novice To Ace® has been designed and developed by Srinivasan D Iyengar, a Software Consultant, based in Mumbai, India.

He has over 30 years of international experience in the Software Industry. He has extensive experience in the various stages of Software Development, from Requirements Gathering, Design, Development and Implementation of Software Applications.

In addition, he has also set up Learning Centers / Centers Of Excellence for IT Companies in India.

Novice To Ace® was born out of the frustration of seeing perfectly bright and able students avoiding some areas like Software or Engineering or Accounts, for that matter, only because Concepts related to these subjects were not presented in a manner suited for them.

The experience and expertise gained while setting up Learning Centers / Centers Of Excellence has helped Srinivasan gain an understanding of how Subjects should be presented to users, to enable optimal absorption.

He brings his entire experience, knowledge and know-how in order to facilitate Learning, using Novice To Ace.

Novice To Ace is not meant as a replacement to existing systems and courses (of training, teaching, etc.). In fact, it is a supplement to existing ways of acquiring knowledge.

It becomes very effective when used in conjunction along with other methods of training, studying, etc.

The idea is that once Concepts are understood, then automatically the anxiety associated with the Subject is reduced, and this allows for better absorption of Subject.

Using Novice To Ace, the environment (the stuff between the ears) is prepared, resulting in virtually immediate benefits (as listed in the website) and a transformation in the approach to Learning.

Once a user tastes the benefits of the approach, the same approach can be applied to other areas of life, allowing for tremendous growth, in various facets of the user’s life.

Using technology for personal growth, true inner growth, is the aim. Courses are just a medium, a way, to facilitate this growth.

KODEJAYS SOFTWARE is a Proprietorship Firm owned by Srinivasan D Iyengar. Novice To Ace® is the Software Application available to users. Novice To Ace is Licensed for use by KODEJAYS SOFTWARE. So, your Invoices would typically be from KODEJAYS SOFTWARE.

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